We are happy to welcome students or recent graduates for traineeships periods.

We are particularly interested in trainees in the area of piano accompaniment/collaborative piano, but we can consider proposals in any musical field.

If you are interested in carrying out an Erasmus traineeship at the Conservatory “Buzzolla” of Adria, please send your application by email to with the following documents in attachment:

  • curriculum vitae
  • letter of motivation
  • performance video recording, max. 20 min. duration. If you are applying for a traineeship as accompanying pianist, please send a video recording of 2 performances, one of a solo piano piece, the other of a piece for piano and other instrument or singer
  • transcript of records

A Committee appointed by the Director of the Conservatory will evaluate your application. If selected, you will receive an acceptance letter. The traineeship can be carried out by academical students ( I/II level) or recent graduates (within 12 months from the degree) already awarded of an Erasmus grant by their home institution. Duration of the traineeship: 2 to 12 months.

Before the beginning of the traineeship period, a Learning Agreement for traineeship must be signed by the trainee, the sending institution and the receiving institution, in which the trainee’s tasks and the commitments of the parties will be explicitly defined, in accordance with the Erasmus+ Programme.

For more information, please write to