From September, 1st 2021 it is mandatory to have the EU-COVID 19 Certification (Green Pass) to take part in all academic activities in the Conservatory, for all students and all teaching and non teaching staff (Government Decree n.111/6 August 2021).

It is also mandatory to have the EU-COVID 19 Certification to access the activities open to the public organized by the Conservatory (Government Decree n.105/23 July 2021).

Please remember  to always respect the most important safety rules to prevent the spread of the pandemic:
– correct use of the mask (covering mouth and nose)
– distance of at least one and a half metres
– respect of the indicated entry and exit
– sanitization of the hands.

For singing lessons and wind instruments, plexiglas panels must be used and interpersonal distance rises to 2 meters minimum. Classrooms must be aired frequently and sanitized after every lesson.

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